Enter Reality provides Virtual Reality solutions within working environments.

We develop projects for:

- Assembly machine simulation

- Automotive

- Interactive Architectural Visualization

- Shared VR environment for project reviews

- Training and simulations

Contact us for any project you would like to develop.


Latest Updates


Noitom VR Gloves Prototype with Vive Trackers

Although we already developed a custom solution for VR Gloves ( using the Perception Neuron Mocap Suit ), Noitom was kind and sent us a pair of Hi5 VR Gloves.

First impressions are very positive:

- Comfortable to wear, the Vive Tracker is roughly at 45° on the outside, so it's "out of the way" if your hands are close together

- Pairing is done using a dongle, which can be plugged into the Vive spare USB port on the HMD itself, and the pairing itself is very quick

- Calibration is done by two poses and it takes roughly 15 seconds

- IMU sensors on fingers and wrist gives no noticeable lag

- Unity and Unreal Engine 4 plugins already developed by Noitom, with free scene available for download

- Accuracy is very good, but you may notice some drifting when you move your hands together, but that is due to hand size, so it's not drifting from the IM sensors but it depends how big are your hands in real life vs VR rigged hands

We're currently integrating them into our VR projects, especially into the Manual Assembly Workstation which currently uses the Vive Controllers, so it would be really neat to use fingers to pick up objects!



RnD for a continuous rotary Micropumps assembly machine and a conveyor where the camera separates the products based on its color.