Assembly Machine Simulations

Enter Reality focus towards working environment helps companies to have an accurate and realistic scenario of the projects customers wants to develop.

Being able to have a preview of the entire project built in Virtual Reality allows the designer to have an overview of all the features that will be built and also to prevent and solve any possible issues related to security and functionality, making this solution a money and time saver.

The possibility to customize the entire project means that this solution can be used in various ways, from a design review between customer and designer to virtual training for line operators.

Key Features:

  • Fully interactive and simulated assembly line ( linear, rotative, manual workstations )
  • Shared VR environment for design reviews and project status
  • Virtual Training for line operators
  • Security simulations for machinery operations
  • Virtual prototyping simulations for new products development

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Architectural Visualization

Project presentation and interactivity using Virtual Reality makes still image something from the past, since the degree of customization that can be integrated into Architectural Visualization projects is the major key.

Many features are available such as:

  • Day/Night cycle for lighting study
  • Materials chooser for realtime preview ( realtime material swap for floors, walls, furnitures )
  • 3D Models realtime placement using Vive Controllers
  • Interactive lights and doors