Perception Neuron Integration with Vive Tracker - Part2

This is an update from the previous test with the integration on a Vive Tracker to drive the position of the Perception Neuron Motion Capture Suit.

Feet sliding has been improved, but it will still be noticeable because of the difference between the Hips joint world position from the PN Suit and the Vive Tracker world position, so an alternative method ( currently being tested ) needs to be introduced.

I also take into account the fact that SteamVR setup and Axis Neuron Yaw rotation can be different from the setup I'm currently using, so a calibration system has been introduced that resets all the orientation and position for the Vive Tracker Driven Character, in order to avoid any weird behaviour.

The playable scene for download will be postponed as soon as I'll also add a UI for the calibration setup.