Rigel - All in One Full Body Motion Capture for Body, Fingers and Face - Demo Available

We're releasing a demo for Rigel, our "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture Solution for body, fingers and face, so that potential customers can test this solution and evaluate accordingly.

As of now Rigel supports:

- 4 to 8 Vive Trackers
- Noitom Hi5 and Valve Knuckles for Fingers Tracking
- FaceARSample, FaceLink and Face Cap for Facial Tracking ( the recently released Live Link Face is also supported, but is not included since this demo is built using UE4.22 )

Here you can download the executable demo:

Since the introduction of the SteamVR Input plugin, there have been some changes related to the Vive Trackers setup, so we made a video explaining what needs to be done in order to make everything work during Rigel's Calibration.

User Feedback is very important at this stage, so once you'll test Rigel, we ask you to spend a couple of minutes on this survey.

Note: As we recently updated the hands accuracy by introducing a 3 poses calibration setup, both the elbows/hands clipping and the Peak Removal features are not included in this demo, since they're currently being updated.

Rigel release as an Unreal Engine 4 plugin is set at the end of August, pricing will be as follow:
550€ ( one time payment ), with a 50€/year fee for support/maintenance.

We encourage everyone in sending videos of the demo experience, especially if you encounter technical issues or if you would like to give additional advices regarging Rigel setup.

We've been asked to provide some Motion Capture Animation samples, so we uploaded some of them on MoveShelf.com, using a various degree of Smoothing, so that users can see the differences when this feature is applied.