What is Rigel?

Rigel is an "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture solution that can provide body, fingers and facial tracking, built in Unreal Engine 4, using Vive Trackers.

You can use up to 10 Vive Trackers, you can use Valve Knuckles or Noitom Hi5 for fingers tracking, and you can use your iPhone for facial tracking.

Currently it supports characters with the epic standard skeletal hierarchy ( Mannequin, Paragon and all characters created with the ART Toolkit for Maya ), but it also support characters created with Reallusion iClone/Character Creator, Mixamo, Daz3D, Autodesk Maya HumanIK and Blender Auto-Rig Pro plugin.

Rigel is an Unreal Engine 4 plugin, the permanent license costs 500€ without any additional fees.

Rigel Demo Download

Here you can download the executable demo
Rigel Demo
Rigel VR Demo (  works with Vive Controllers/Valve Knuckles only )

Since the introduction of the SteamVR Input plugin, there have been some changes related to the Vive Trackers setup, so we made a series of video tutorials, explaining every single aspect of Rigel.
We also created a detailed documentation, where all Rigel's features are explained in details.
Rigel Video Tutorials
Rigel Documentation

User Feedback is very important at this stage, so once you'll test Rigel, we ask you to spend a couple of minutes on this survey.
Rigel Demo Survey

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How does it work?

Unreal Engine 4 is used to build a runtime Full Body IK rig, using the Epic Standard Skeletal Hierarchy.

SteamVR send all the informations from the Motion Controllers and Vive Trackers inside Unreal Engine 4 in realtime.

A dedicated Blueprint gets all the motion data and assign them to the Animation Blueprint.
Additional external hardware, like VR gloves and iPhone data, is already integrated into the Animation Blueprint, and is up to the user to choose which one they would like to use.

How does it compare to Ikinema Orion, and what additional features this offers?

We've been using Ikinema Orion for many different projects in the past, but since Ikinema is no more, we had to find an alternative solution, so we decided to build our own solution.

We're able to provide a robust and efficient Full Body Tracking solution, and on top of it we built additional features, which you can see in the release video above.

What is the supported hardware?

Here is a list of the current and future supported hardware:

Body Tracking

Up to 10 Vive Trackers ( Hips, Head, Feet, Elbows, Hands, Knees )

Fingers Tracking

Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves
Valve Knuckles

Facial Tracking

FaceAR ( Live Link Face / FaceLink / Live Link Face )

Is it just for Motion Capture?

You can use it to do whatever you need, meaning that you can potentially use Project Rigel for actor previz during Virtual Production, or strap a VR Backpack and create a Location Based Entertainment solution, or create a VR Job Training solution to help companies evaluate employers safety.

Flexibility and freedom of choice are key for this solution.

Who's this for?

Wheter you're a big studio or an indipendent developer, this is the most affordable solution on the market regarding Optical Full Body Motion Capture.

Currently there is a huge gap between IMU based Motion Capture Suit ( Perception Neuron, Rokoko, Xsens and so on ) an Optical Based Motion Capture solutions ( OptiTrack, Vicon ), and Project Rigel goal is to fill that gap by providing a top quality affordable Motion Capture Solution.