Vive Trackers UE4 Setup

Since Valve was so kind to send us two Vive Trackers we also made a tutorial on how to do the setup for SteamVR and how to make them work inside the Unreal Engine 4, with a couple of easy steps.

We also combined the Trackers with our mocap gloves from the Perception Neuron Suit, in order to create a VR glove similar to the Noitom i5 VR gloves.


(Free) Lipsync Tool for UE4

This is a custom solution which I've been using for a couple of years now, and it turned out to be very efficient and a good ( and quick ) alternative placeholder solution instead of processing a full facial mocap session.

By combining both the Preston Blair phoneme list, the setup used with Faceware tools, Faceshift and Facerobot I ended up using 17 phoneme sets which allows for a quality lipsync solution.

This isn't a phoneme extractor tool in UE4, but rather a list of words ( 58000+ ) which the user can use to build sentences.

I'm in the process of getting all the words, so soon this tool will be released on the forum.

Adaptive Skin

Adaptive Skin is a tool developed in Maya which allows the transfer of a facial rig between two different face mesh.

It works by a UV lookup and some other tweaks which allows the one-clik transfer of all the blend shapes.

Very usefull for fast prototyping or for share the same facial rig across multiple characters ( especially NPCs ).

Perception Neuron to Maya One-Click-Solution-Retargeting

This is a simple script which allows me to get all the data from the FBX from Axis Player and then apply the animation to my custom rig inside Maya.

Using the ART ( Animation and Rigging Toolkit ) plugin I'm also able to modify/cleanup all the mocap data recorded with the Perception Neuron suits.