How to use Unreal Engine for Full Body Motion Capture: Use Case and In Depth review of Noitom Perception Neuron and IKinema Orion

One of the greatest feature of Unreal Engine is its flexibility as a game engine and the many possibilities that developers have, in order to create and shape their game accordingly.
In my case I've been using Unreal Engine as my main tool in order to record Full Body Motion Capture Animations, and the great thing about this setup is that I was able to blend together different animation sources and have them interacting in realtime, giving me the possibility to build a custom animation pipeline that allows me to export Full Body Animations ( Body + Fingers + Face ) all at once.

This Blog Post is an in-depth review of 2 Motion Capture systems I've been using during the past years, where I listed all the pros and cons of each one, by also adding bonus tips on common problems and how to use the entire setup for traditional Motion Capture and also Full Body Virtual Reality Experiences.

My plan was to do a video review of the entire setup, but due to time constraint I won't be able to do that anytime soon, so be prepare to read quite a lot, below you'll find a dedicated blog post link for each Motion Capture system:

Noitom Perception Neuron


IKinema Orion